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EcoAmigo LED Solution
EcoAmigo Heating Solution


Environmental Consultancy
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Heating Technology
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Welcome to EcoAmigo

EcoAmigo is an engineering

consultant & contractor

in Macau since 2011.


Provides professional

engineering services

& highest innovative

technology products

to enhance local building

energy efficiency.


is established by a group of professionals specializing

in Design & Build Services in nowadays engineering industry


a total-solution service provider in connection with all kinds of

energy efficiency consultancy and contracting works


provides professional engineering services for

local Macau market.

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Our Professionalism

EcoAmigo comprises a variety of professionals from different disciplines including Registered Profession Engineers, Environmental Consultants, Academic Professionals, System Designers, and Skillful Technicians.

Our Product

EcoAmigo sources and selects only the best reliability and durability and highest efficiency products, all over the world, to our Clients.  All the selected products are routinely tested & commissioned by our professional engineers and academic specialists, at the actual factory production lines.

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Our Knowledge

EcoAmigo is very familiar with various kinds of building rules & regulations under Hong Kong & Macau legislation, as all of the EcoAmigo’s key-teammates own over 20 years solid experience from various large scale development projects in Hong Kong, Macau & Europe.

Our Promise

With great expertise together with the vision to strive for innovation, trust and technological advancement, EcoAmigo aims to provide services with the most service-profession, cost-effective, and time-efficient to our Clients.

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EcoAmigo sources and selects only the best reliability, durability and highest efficiency products, all over the world, for our Clients.


All the selected products are routinely tested & commissioned by our professional engineers and academic specialists, at the actual factory production lines and also at Macau.


Our professional engineers shall visit our Clients’ premise to study the actual site condition together with all the available technical details, then subsequently recommend the best applicable products to suit for our Clients’ actual needs.


Our technicians, include licensed electrician and mechanic, are well trained at our oversea brand-principals’ factories. Hence own all necessary special skills and are qualified for on-site installation and T&C for our selected products.


EcoAmigo provides all necessary certificates, with at least 2 years product warranty (up to 10 years depends) for all our products.


EcoAmigo is the Macau Regional Dealer / Distributor / Business Cooperator for our selected product brands.  You are welcome to contact us for more details.

Water & Steam Boilers
 Commercial LED
Heat Pumps
Heat Transfer Units
Museum Lighting
Solar Heat
Heat Exchangers
Façade Lighting
Chimney System
Solar PV
Fire Detection
Heat Recovery
Solar Mountings
Facility Loader
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Macau Office

EcoAmigo Engenharia Lda.


Alameda Doutor Carlos D’Assumpcao, No.180,

Edif Tong Nam Ah Central Comercio,

15 Andar D, Macau




Tel 電話: (853) 2835 6676

Fax 傳真 : (853) 2835 6264

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EcoAmigo LED Solution
EcoAmigo Heating Solution
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